Parents as Partners

Parents & Carers

Working closely with parents as partners

At Kiddycare Day Nurseries, we understand the importance of working closely with parents. We work with parents/carers as partners, ensuring we provide the most appropriate care and education for their children.  

We believe that children benefit most from the setting when parents/carers and staff work together in partnership.  We ensure that we support parents/carers as their children’s first educators and are committed to an ongoing dialogue with parents/carers to improve our knowledge of the individual needs of children.  

We recognise that parents/carers are the first educators of their children. Therefore, we want to develop a partnership with parents/carers based on shared responsibility, understanding, mutual respect and honest dialogue. 

  • All parents/carers are welcome to visit the Setting at any time. 
  • We welcome parents/carers to share their skills and talents with us, for example, reading a story in their first language.  We will inform parents/carers of any relevant training or workshops to support their own professional development.  
  • Parents/carers have access to their child’s records at all times and are consulted in respect of the care given. 
  • Information about setting activities and events is regularly distributed. 
  • Parents/carers are able to inspect all policies and procedures of the setting at any time. 
  • We encourage parents to share what they know about their child and use this information to inform planning. 
  • Parents/carers have access to and will be informed of the systems for complaints procedures. 
  • Parents/carers will be informed of their children’s progress on a regular basis and will have constant access to their children’s attainment records.   

Parent Communications

At Kiddycare, we realise that families may be very busy and so it isn’t always possible to exchange dialogue everyday with their child’s key person. For this reason, there are tools in place to support a regular two – way flow of communication, for example messages and updates through the nursery app called Famly, as well as newsletters and notices around the nursery. Furthermore, regular family meetings take place, which provide a chance for your child’s key person to share observations and discuss your child’s next steps of learning with you.

Each nursery has an open-door policy whereby parents can speak to the Manager at any time.

Parent Communications
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