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Key Person Approach

Children need warm and responsive adults to be around to support their learning, behaviour and development. These close relationships are vital for them to feel happy, secure and confident so they can learn better, especially because emotional wellbeing is fundamental for young developing brains. 

When children develop close attachments to an adult carer other than their primary caregiver, it can create comfort for them whilst they're at nursery. Attachment is therefore at the core of the ‘Key Person Approach’ and it places high importance on forming close relationships between practitioners, children and families too! 

At Kiddycare nurseries we understand that children reach their full potential by having good links between nursery and home. Therefore, as part of our philosophy we make sure that every child has a designated Key Person, who will regularly communicate with families via the Famly App and during pick-up and drop-offs.

Settling In Stage

Our Key Person system enables children to relate to one special adult right from the settling-in stage. Each member of staff has responsibility for a small group of children. As oppose to large groups, small groups promote closer bonds between the child and the key person because the key person can closely monitor the child and understand them on a more personal level through their interactions and conversations within the group.

Records and observations are made, and individual needs are tailored to support each child during day-to-day learning. The Key Person also maintains links with parents/carers and outside agencies, sharing information on children’s unique needs and achievements.

Settling In Stage
Keyworker Buddy

Keyworker Buddy

As well as a Key Person, your child will also be allocated a Key Person Buddy. The Buddy will be another member of staff who will have a good relationship with your child. The Keyworker Buddy will support your child or yourself in the absence of your child’s named Keyworker. They and any other member of staff may make observations of your child to contribute to their learning journey. This ensures the continuity of your child's care, learning and communication links between home and nursery.

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